Kenyan BBC Journalist, Peter Mwangangi Post Photos of Shanty he Once Lived

It would seem that no one was spared from the struggle including journalist Peter Mwangangi. The Kenyan BBC journalist took to his social media page to reveal his struggles including pictures of the shanty he lived in and still couldn’t make rent.

Being a Daystar student 10 years ago, Peter lived in an off-campus room called River Rufiji which ironically experienced constant water shortages.

Despite the rent being only Ksh2,500, the journalist was rarely able to make payment even though he shared the room with a comrade.

“We developed fact survival tactics and made friends to the caretaker to a point she sympathized with our situation (and put her job on the line).

“So at some point she gave us the extra padlock and keys to lock the room ourselves whenever she got wind that the landlord would visit. The landlord would find two padlocks on our room and get the impression that we were locked out!” he reveals.

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He even recognises Mama Kasilanda who gave them vegetables on credit despite them defaulting. Infact he admits that he graduated without paying his debt to the mama mboga. A debt that he settled this year after seven year.

Peter encourages the youth to believe in their dreams, quoting the bible verse Isaiah 1:19 “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land. Let no one tell you that you can’t make it.”


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