Kenyan Artist, Magix Enga Opens Up On Being Depressed

The silence of Kenya’s beat King Magix Enga over the weeks is easily noticeable. The musician and music producer has opened up on being depressed after he was ditched by his counterparts and management. While speaking on Mungai Eve’s YouTube channel, Enga claims his previous management team had wiped out all his production equipment and made him start from scratch once more;

”Walichukua vitu zote za job, Naeza sema ivo. Kenye ilibaki apo ni furnitures. Wakaenda so nikabaki apo. Vijana walikuwa wananifanyia sales and marketing wakakuja asubuhi wako like, eh, Magix Enga, utaanza wapi? Na sikuwa ata na doh kwa mfuko ati nimejipanga naeza anza ku buy equipment na vitu zi work normal… Hii management yenye ilienda walizima simu ”

Enga On Committing Suicide

Magix Enga states that the ordeal expedited his suicidal move; which he had previously shared on his Instagram account.

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”I got into depression manze. Niliandika kwa social media that nataka kujimada. That was real. Lakini sasa behind the scene nikaona hakuna aja niambie hawa wasee what I’m going through juu Kenyans, they really don’t care… But ilikuwa true story. Nilikuwa na go through a lot…”

The producer later moved to Nakuru; where he saw as a better place to heal and calm down. He states that his case is still with the police and he’s awaiting justice to be served. He’s currently back in Nairobi; where he hopes to re-kindle his music.


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