Kenyan Actress, Risper Faith; “I Have Had a Good Pregnancy”

After her friends and family hosted her to a baby shower party last week, former Nairobi Diaries actress Risper Faith says she has been having a good pregnancy and thanks her hubby Brian Muiruri for his support.

Speaking to MondayBlues yesterday, the couple said they are expecting the baby next month and that they can’t wait for the new arrival, a baby boy.

“I have been having a good pregnancy and receiving very good support from my family. My hubby has been supportive to me considering that he had to stop some of his business operations to take care of me and also run errands for the family,” Risper said.

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“We are one happy couple. We trust that this baby brings us more joy,” she noted.

“My life is fully dedicated to my wife. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. That is why this means good for us,” he said.

The baby shower hosted at Raddison Hotel, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, was attended by among others the couple’s mothers with emcee Rose and DJ Tums running the show.


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