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Kenya: Zari Hassan’s Manager, Galston Anthony and Wife Nandi Are No More Together

Zari´s all-time manager, Galston Anthony has posted a black rose that we all know too well is a symbol of a split marriage or breakup.

Well, you are not thinking wrong. Actually, they split an year ago but have kept it under wraps.

In a long moving Instagram post, Zari´s brand manager lay it all in black and white, putting up a black rose flower and a caption that started off by breaking the sad news.

I regret to announce that my Ride or Die, mother to my only son I are no longer together. It’s been nearly a year since we been apart.

Zari´s all-time manager, Galston Anthony with his ex-wife, Nandi

Galston goes ahead to shower his baby mama with praises, attributing fact that his ex-wife, Nandi was a good soul.

Unfortunately, however perfect a pair they seemed for each other, they are no longer together and might not be able to answer questions as to why it had to happen.

Though he assures the public that they will always have a good place for each other in their hearts.

Many might have so many questions that we might not be at liberty to answer. All we know is that we will always have a good place for each other in our hearts. Some may ask why would post this, well it’s so.

Galston Anthony and Nandi


Why he came up with this post a year down the line, he admits that it has not been easy every time they meet a friend and keep getting asked how the wife/husband is doing.

Yet in reality, they are no longer a pair. So just to avoid any more of such bogging questions, the manager decided to lay it all bare.

Both her and I could avoid being asked every day on how is my wife/husband or why aren’t u seen together much, etc and out response always is ooooh, u don’t know about us?

However, with a son at bay and whose needs ought to be met all-round, they both effectively deliver on their co-parenting duties to their handsome son, Riley Anthony.

And by all means we are doing great co-parenting thus far.

And for the memories of a love that was worth every effort and resource put in, Galston says that his ex-wife´s pictures will forever remain a part of his social media profile.

Mixed reactions

A post that has since then sparked mixed reactions from fans and followers, with some unbelieving that things are no longer the same, while others vouched for a reunion between the pair.

Why am i sad. This black rose though


Did Y’both hit rock bottom realy? Can’t you work this out? Clearly you still love her… I wanted to work things out with my ex, and I did, i tried, put my pride aside, and hoped for the best, too bad it never worked. How abt you give it a try, you might get better results than mine. Etherway, sorry. 😭


Oh dear, so sorry


Ohoo no so sorry 😢😢😢😢😢




Friend wt wrong?


Mmmmmm zari style 😭(blackrose)whats next???this world!what could honestly break u and the mother of your child like that honestly.what could be so big,it cant be sorted, by prayers and counseling and talking?


Ooh poor is bad new to me.😢😢


Sorry Mr Manager all the best to both of you


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