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Kenya: “You Are Dating A Man Who Is Below Your Level” – Andrew Kibe Slams Kamene Goro

KISS 100´s new set of morning show radio presenters has opened doors we might never have taken note of.

Every day there is something new to learn. Not about the world. Nope. About Kamene or Kibe or both.

From their drama-filled relationships, to how they think, to who they were before their voices went on air.

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So this time round, the outspoken female radio presenter, Kamene Goro has revealed that she is a living young sponsor.

It´s not what you´re thinking, but could be. According to the untamed beauty, she has been dishing out money to guys she has dated, one after another.


Kamene reveals this during their morning show ¨Morning Kiss¨ with Andrew Kibe, sharing:

I have given guys cash so many times. Men can literally sniff that I have money.

What frustrates her most is fact that even after lending them cash, they never gave it back.

The sad thing is that most of the time I give guys the cash they do not refund. I am a living sponsor.

Yes, she has learnt her lessons and every time she can sense that a guy will not refund her, she gives them a deaf ear.

But nowadays once I realize that a man will not pay me back I ignore them.

The sassy lass however clarified that if she is dating a guy and she ´feels him´ but he is at the time low on funds, she will sure help out. Why not?

You might be my man and nakufeel but you are going through a problem. Am i not supposed to help you?

Well, unfortunately Kibe wholesomely disagreed with her, informing her that the minute you need to give a hand to a guy, then he is below your standards, both financially and socially.

Kibe then went on a public rant:

Who are this men you are dating that keep asking you for money? There is something wrong with you and the men you are dating. It feels good to pay bills as a man? It means that you are dating a man who is below your level.


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