Kenya: Why Bahati Got His Former Producer Arrested For The Second Time

Bahati’s former producer Paolo found himself behind bars barely a month after his former boss had him arrested together with Peter Blessing!

Speaking to one popular news out let just recently, Paolo revealed that Bahati had him arrested in town where he had gone to pick an award.

According to Paolo, he received a call from an unknown person asking hi to pick an award he had scooped only for him to be arrested and taken back to central police station where he spent the night.

Paolo accused of theft

When asked why he was arrested, Paolo says Bahati accused him of theft. Apparently the producer was said to have stolen a table and sound proof materials from Bahati’s studio.

Bahati and Weezdom came to the station and said Producer was spoiling his name because they had agreed before that he was not supposed to say anything about what happened during the first arrest. So basically Bahati said he was taking him to jail.

Mr Paolo went on to add that he did not know why Bahati was taking him in circles; yet deep down inside he knew that Paolo had not stolen anything.

They are saying that he stole some table and sound proof from Bahati’s studio. The other side is that Bahati gave him these when he was upgrading his studio. So we don’t know why Bahati is taking him on rounds, but I perceive this to be intimidation.

Palio’s lawyer has gone ahead to add that they are waiting for Bahati to record a statement before they move the matter to court.


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