Kenya: Vera Sidika And Otile Brown Excite Fans After Meeting up in Dubai

Vera Sidika and her estranged boyfriend Otile Brown seem to have rekindled their love. This is judging from a possessive post on Instagram by Otile Brown which read ‘MINE’.
Vera is in Dubai for a hosting gig at Kiza Dubai while Otile was there to perform at the Zinc Nightclub in Dubai on 4th October and the two met up much to the excitement of their fans who flooded his comment section.

Vera and Otile acrimoniously broke up in mid-September after Vera revealed that Otile said that he doesn’t love her any more days after he released his song with her.VERA SIDIKA

“Why pretend to love me, get me into the video then say it later? If you stop loving someone, you don’t get involved at all. But nah, the video had to be done,” a heartbroken Vera wrote.

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In response, Otile claimed that Vera was trying to eradicate his career as he has a huge fan base in women and such allegations can put them off.

And last week, Otile Brown revealed that he misses Vera sometimes in a sentimental message on Instagram.

“You’re such a beautiful person, lively and kind… I do miss you sometimes. Happy birthday Maa, more life more blessings. Katoto ka cutie,” read Otile’s post.

Vera did not respond to the post but instead met up with Otile on Thursday, after all, actions speak louder than words.


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