Kenya: The Truth About My Ex – Pendo’s Fiancé Speaks Out

When the news dropped that singing actress Stacey Brown, aka Pendo, had been engaged to a white man, little did we know that twist in the plot was around the corner?

As the excitement caught up, with blogs making a meal out of the grapevine, and even going ahead to predict that the two would be a wedding in Zanzibar. A storm featuring Joseph Kner’s former lover, a Kenyan lady who is the mother to his daughter, was gathering.

It got so bad that security officers at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) stopped him from travelling back to Norway last week.

On the day of the interview, we walk into Sarova Stanley and at the swimming pool lounge, Pendo – the popular showbiz girl known for her no-nonsense acts in Nairobi Diaries, and the fiancé in question are relaxed on a couch. His white wine glass is half full.


Her juice, which – as she would explain later – has syrup, is almost full. We shake hands and make introductions before setting up the camera and recorders.

It had only been a week since Joseph travelled to Kenya to meet Pendo, his fiancée whom he had previously met online not knowing that she is one of Nairobi’s hottest showbiz girls.

This was not his first time in Nairobi and as it would turn, Pendo is not the only girl who knew that Joseph was coming to town. The other girl was not only in the picture but also waiting eagerly to this man who is also special in her life.

“(She) and I had a relationship between 2012 and 2014. After knowing her, I invited her to Norway where she stayed for three months. I had just come from a marriage separation from the mother of my two sons… I decided that she goes back to Kenya to give me time to think about the relationship,” claims Joseph.

After a litany of woes Joseph says took a toll on their relationship, he says their differences escalated. He claims that things got worse after his ex-reported to the authorities in Norway that he had been abusing her – something he denies.

Joseph and his ex-met in Nairobi last week in the presence of his new fiancée Pendo to settle their issues once and for all.

But to his shock, he says, he was slammed with a court order that hit him with a travelling block. On arrival at JKIA last Wednesday where he was set for departure, he was stopped and asked to ‘go clear his issues’.

“Our divorce…. is almost through and soon I will be telling the whole truth,” he says.


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