Kenya: Scripted? Jimmy Gait Short Of Words as Woman Interrupts Show, Confesses Love

There was drama on the set of Chipukeezy’s show after an excited fan stormed the stage professing love for the guest, gospel artiste Jimmy Gait.

A shocked Gait posed in disbelief as the lady, identified as Anabel, clad in a black dress interrupted the interview and confessed how she had fallen in love with the singer.

“Jimmy nimekupata tena, I am here for Jimmy, nipatie tu time yako and I will use this time to say what I want from you, I want Jimmy, I have been following you, you know am in love with you but why do you keep on ignoring me?” She said.

She claimed that the musician knows about how she feels about him but was ignoring her.

“Unajua ka ungekuwa umenipatia chance hatungekuwa hapa, I want the world to know I love this guy. Jimmy Nakuependa and I want the whole world to know that I love this guy. You should stop ignoring me…” added the lady.

Chipukeezy, on the other hand, watched in amusement as the drama unfolded, occasionally trying to humour the love-struck lady and his guest out of the situation.

“Am just going after what I want. If he is the one who will lead me into salvation, well and good, namwambia hisia zangu, Jimmy I love you, I have been in love with you for the longest time and you know it is just that you have been ignoring me all the time…” added Annabel.

Some netizens were however not buying the story. They claimed that it was a cheap stunt to promote the show, a position disputed by others who threw support behind it and lauded the lady’s boldness.

kibui Gitau : Kuna watu wanachukia hii show ya Chipu but mimi huninice sana, kama hupendi usiwatch ama ucomment. Brally fuuu?

Albert M. Ndungu: Tell me that was a prank by the lady on Jimmy Gait. Did it look scripted of?

Boniface Reinhand: The best actors awards goes to….(drums in the background)…jimmy’s crush and the “white”lady…!?

Me Rcy: I love jimmy gait …#kenyansindubai?

fauster nzembi: Yaan watu wako apa kukosoa chipukeezy alifungua show yenu tuwasikie..who bewitched you kenyans brethren let’s learn to celebrate one another Scripture is clear Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others. If every believer lived by that rule, ujinga would virtually disappear..big up my bro chipukeezy keep moving?

Benkiss 254: Huyo lady amekufia Jimmy ama ni scripted….sielewi haky!!how now!!

Sam Q: One day untilit becoming one great show, by putting an effort in it

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