Kenya: Read Diana Marua’s Message To Weezdom After Viral Bedroom Photos

Weezdom´s name is flying high but not so much for the good. His ´love story´ with curvy gospel singer, Nicah the Queen is still building up.

Just last week, bedroom photos of the two leaked and seems like none of them was prepared for it.

According to Nicah, that woman is not her. As for Weezdom, that is his long-gone past.

Personalities have given their input on the same, with Weezdom´s boss, Bahati, urging him to just own up because last time he checked, the EMB signee has no twin brother.

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Bahati´s wifey, Diana Marua has spoken in regard to the same, calling out Weezdom to take account for his actions.

In an Instagram post, the ¨Bila Pesa¨ singer expressed:

Nataka Jibu Saa Hii Saa Hiii……….

Before Diana reminded him:

Wewe ndio unafaa utupee majibu🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

An unexpecting Weezdom quickly replied:

@diana_marua Mudosi achaaaaa😂😂😂

Fans then backed up Diana, pushing:

@diana_marua yes that’s true @weezdom254 bro tupe jibu tabatari


@diana_marua 😂😂😂😂ajibu


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