Kenya: Prezzo Opens Up About His Dating Life, New Tattoos And Music

Is Prezzo dating anyone?

Well, Rapper Prezzo has come forth to address an issue that has left many talking. After breaking up with long term girlfriend, he is said to have moved with Noti Flow. But this could not be true.

Prezzo for the first time denied being involved with the ladies he has been accused of courting on the low. He revealed this while speaking during a recent interview with The Edge, . According to him, he is now living a free life and in case his private life gets active, he will let fans know.

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About his tattoo
Having covered his ex girlfriend’s name which was tatted on his hand, he now says that he decided to put a tattoo of KICC which represent s his love for Nairobi.

Music Career
After releasing his latest song with Noti Flow the rapper is hoping to release a new song before the year ends as a surprise for his fans.



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