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Kenya: Notiflow And Her New Bae Giving Couples Sleepless Nights

After coming clean as a member of LGBTQI community, musician Notiflow bagged herself the lost gem she had been looking for.  Her girlfriend, known by the name King Alami, has been giving netizens goosebumps for winning over Notiflow’s love.

Notiflow vowed not to date men after being brutally beaten by his ex-boyfriend.


Noti flow beaten


”Yes I know alright. All men have done to me is hurt me, disappoint me, break me, cheat on me, detooth me, & just in my previous relationship almost literally killed me!… Men are trash 🚮 ( except my bro)”

Notiflow and her girl have been sharing explicit videos and photos of themselves getting cosy in the bathroom. The rapper had previously been blocked by Instagram for sharing the same; and condemned her followers for reporting her.

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”Those reporting my videos f*k you”

Notiflow also claimed that Alami is now the perfect lover that she was looking for; and no one should destroy their kind of love.

”Everything I ever wanted in him I found in her ❤️

”Gm 🚿 don’t hate on love 💘

Even though Notiflow has received criticisms over their kind of love, she is not giving up easily on her love. The unique kind of love she has started with Alami is not one she is willing to let go.


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