Kenya: My New Man is Really Endowed And I Loves it – Socialite Vera Sidika Says

Kenyan Socialite Vera Sidika has steered clear of controversy in recent weeks but that was not before she severely damaged her ex-lover Otile Brown’s ability in the bedroom.

The two took Kenyans for a lengthy ride in their on and off relationship and when things went all the way left, it was Vera who launched one of the most scathing attacks.

Aside from accusing Otile of being the typical user of women, Vera went to the lengths of revealing intimate details of their bedroom action, or lack of it.

Fans diagnosed Vera’s rant as one which emanated from a woman who was simply frustrated from lacking the proper touch of a man.

Weeks later, however, and the socialite is glowing, probably because she has managed to take her mind off all the break up drama.

She has also been subtly hinting at having a new boo whilst occasionally sharing one or two photos and videos of the new man.

In one of her recent photos, one user noted the socialite was quite elated these days and being a woman herself, she concluded that could only be because she was getting some nice loving. “His member must be huge. Anyway you look dope,” the fan commented.

Celebrities usually rub off such comments but on this particular occasion, Vera wanted to make it clear she was not suffering anymore in the intimacy department as she affirmed fans’ suspicions.

“Yes it is and I like it like that,” she replied.


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