Kenya: Mr Seed And His Wife Finally Unveil Their Son’s Face

After hiding their son’s face for almost 9 months now gospel singers Mr Seed and his wife Nimo Gachuiri have finally unveiled their baby’s face.

The happy couple shared new photos of their son on their social media pages celebrating him for the far they have come together.

Mr Seed went on to introduce his son with a never seen before photo which he captioned;

Nine months ago GOD BLESSED ME WITH A SON … I named him GOLD KRISTEN OMONDI ( @king_goldofficial )
This boy came with a lot of blessings in our lives .. A HAPPY BOY ALWAYS SMILING AND LAUGHING… I remember after alizaliwa he started crying then nikamhold n the 1st song I played for him was LOVI LOVI which I recorded before he came to our lives .. immediately he stopped crying hapo nikarealize this boy loves music .. .. to cut the long story short .. I wanna let the whole world know how much joy this boy brought to me and his mum @nimo.o_ ..

Seed’s message to his wife

Mr Seed could also not hold back from thanking his lovely wife for giving him such a handsome baby boy. He went on to add saying;

To my wife @nimo.o_ thank you so much for carrying my child n for doing life with me .. I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!! GOD KNOWS CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO WATCH OUR NEW SONG #LOVILOVI @king_goldofficial ❌ @nimo.o_ ❌ @mrseedofficial

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