Kenya: Jimal Marlow’s First Wife Threatens To Sue Amber Ray

At this point, it’s evident that Jimal May has to choose who he will stick with between his two wives! This is because – this situation is clearly not working and unlike most Muslim wives – these two wanachoma sana.

A few hours ago the two ladies washed their dirty linen on social media; leaving fans entertained by the family scandal as the two ladies continue to fight for a man they both call husband.

According to Amber, she has every right to remain as a second wife since Jimal chose her over his other side chicks; but problem is that Amira (first wife) does not want to share her man with Amber. Apparently Amira is open to have any other lady as her husband’s second wife; but just not Amber.

Amber accuses Amira of abandoning kids

Anyway after apparently acting like the bigger person for months; Amber for the first time came out gun blazing with serious accusations against Amira.


The Jimal family

In a detailed post by the lass, she accused Ms Amira of abandoning her two boys; while she travelled to Dubai kurombosa aka eat life with a big spoon.

The socialite went on to reveal that Amira was also preaching water on social media; but behind the scene – she was causing drama for husband by threatening to poison her self and her boys. Amber wrote;


In response to the accusations, Ms Amira who is a mother to Jimal’s two sons asked the socialite to give tangible evidence to her stories; if not, she is ready to take legal actions for defamation. In a now deleted post Amira wrote;

You realize I am not Amber. Please let her answer I am also eager to see otherwise, I’ll file for deformation.

Husband on the other hand continues to maintain his silence; as he observes his two ‘wives’ attack each other on social media.

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