Kenya: ‘I Will Never Be A Housewife’ – Diamond Platinumz’s Babymama, Tanasha Donna Says In New Interview

Diamond´s Kenyan baby mama, Tanasha Donna has declared she will be no housewife and will live life, based on her own rules.

During an interview with Wilkings Podcast, the Kenyan personality admitted that the world now expects her to live by their expectations now that she is Diamond´s lover.

Not just giving up her music career and modelling, but talking, walking and dressing as the masses stipulate.

She was astonished at just how much the world expects from her – including displaying her personal life on the Web.

I´ll put my creative life in the public. I am not going to put my personal life in the public.

Well, she has stood her ground, affirming that she will do as she wills and for those not ready to accept her as she is, then they better exit.

I´m not going to change who I am, to please other people.

Adding that she will not give up her dreams to become a housewife. Never! After all, Diamond was not even for the idea – he likes women who can be independent.

Diamond doesn´t even like that. He appreciates a woman who works heard and owns her own money.



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