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Kenya: I Was Run Over by a Matatu, Underwent Seven Surgeries Times – Presenter, Betty Kyallo

The famous TV presenter Betty Kyallo has opened up about a harrowing incident that left her with a scar on the neck.

According to Betty statement, she was around 17-years of age when she was involved in an accident, putting her hospitalized for two months.

“When I was in Form Three back in 2005, I was walking in town when I got hit by a matatu at Nairobi Railways Station. After getting hit, I went under and was trapped beneath the moving vehicle.”

Skin scrapped off

Betty narrated how her face was left looking white after the skin scraped off.

“The whole of the left part of my face got scrapped off as the matatu dragged me over the tarmac. The entire skin was skin was peeled off and was left looking white.

“I broke my jaw, four ribs and my lungs got totally deflated.

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“My dreams of being a news presenter died as they would never allow me on air with a scar.

Seven surgeries

“I stayed in the hospital for two months since I had to go through seven surgeries.

“For about four months, I was scared of walking in the streets as people would stare and feel sorry for me. I used to hate it.

“While my face healed, the scars on my neck did not as the wound was very deep.

“Initially, when I went on air, I would wear high-collared shirts because I was still insecure about it until a time when I decided to hell with it!

“This is not a scar, it’s a jewel that shows me where I come from. Ever since that day I have never hidden my scar.

“Wear that scar whether it’s physical or emotional, let it motivate you,” she stated.


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