Kenya: I don’t care what my husband thinks, I would do anything Ne-Yo asks of me, says female celebrity

After recording a song with Diamond at Bruce Odhiambo’s Johari Records on Thursday night, American singer Ne-Yo hit Nairobi clubs as female groupies surrounded him and his entourage. Among the groupies was a married female celebrity whose husband is also an influential person in the entertainment industry. The bevy of beauties, who stuck around till Ne-Yo’s last party night, were under the care of one of Ne-Yo’s handlers who literally hand-picked them and commanded them into a special car on Friday morning. “You, just back off, I told you I have your telephone number. I will call you,” he told one of the groupies as the other four girls were led to a waiting car that left ahead of the entourage to an unspecified location. Ne-Yo loved his vodka and cigars while his boys were on Hennessy. The said female celebrity who is a singer, was overheard saying she was willing to do anything Ne-Yo asked of her and didn’t care what her husband made of it.

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