Kenya: “I do Not Care” – Comedian Omondi in Hits Hard at Ezekiel Mutua

The popular Kenya Comedian Eric Omondi has in a no holds barred excerpt from an interview slammed Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) boss Dr. Ezekiel Mutua over his leadership.

Omondi claimed that Mutua has not taken the leadership role that he holds to support the Kenyan industry.

He said that Mutua has not picked a positive thing from artists and only flexes muscle when negative stories crop up.

“Ezekiel Mutua is like my dad. I am a comedian, you are a comedian (pointing Chipukeezy)… Every single day and night we work hard as young people to entertain Kenyans in form of comedy or music.

“Some of us have even gone ahead to win awards. I am currently the best comedian in Africa. Sauti Sol won the MAMAs award.

“Ezekiel Mutua has never ever picked a positive thing, si alinipost nikiwa uchi uko Turkana? Hajawai nipost venye nilishinda award. The day Ezekiel Mutua will come out and say, “Have you heard the new King Kaka song? He did it in New York, click the link” then I will listen to him.

“Right now I am telling you without fear I do not care because he has not supported me or my industry. He has been put into a position where he is the person we are supposed to look up to. There are so many positive things happening,” said Omondi.

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua is currently facing accusations of sexual harassment.

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A woman, who calls herself Nancy Wambui on twitter, is claiming that he sexually harassed her when she was working at KFCB.

“I am a former employee at KFCB. This ‘righteous’ ****** used to harass all female staff. He always insisted on long hugs and inappropriate touching.

“When I complained, I would be asked to quit. So, I did. All he did was masturbate in his corner office. Ezekiel Mutua, I am going to court,” wrote Nancy.

Allegations Mutua denies.

He said that the allegation was a ploy to tarnish his name for raising the “bar of moral standards very high.”

“KFCB clarified that issue. We have never had anyone like that (in our employment) before or during my term. So, that is a non-issue.

“I, however, expect it (fabrication of claims to make me look bad). For the last three years, we have raised the bar of moral standards very high. The woman’s claims have no basis. Anyone can sit anywhere and construct a false claim against you. Just ignore the woman’s claims

“Why would I take any legal action against that woman? The Twitter account she used to publish those allegations is fake- a parody account. However, if she was a real person, then I would have taken her to court. The fact that no one went to court… Remember her post ended in: ‘Let’s meet in court’,” said Mutua.


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