Kenya: I Birth My Daughter Inside a Toilet – Singer Akothee

The mother of five further said in an Instagram post that she hid in a washroom and began to push as hard as she could before the doctors could catch up with her.

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Heh Akothee gave birth in a toilet???

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“I never wanted the scissors or nurses touching my parts every time they passed by. I hid in the toilet and pushed the baby all alone while monitoring her head,” Akothee revealed

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Akothee yule mpoleeeeeee 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂 you wish 🤣😂🤣 @veshashaillan

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Her water broke and the completely naïve songbird thought she gave birth to a pool of water.

A nurse showed up and helped deliver the baby and according to Akothee, she was wearing dirty, red gloves. “I loved her to death yet I was only a teenager,” the singer wrote.

The nurse was completely shocked to find her seated in the washroom and even wondered if the musician was in her right mind.

“She found me in the loo with the baby’s body halfway out. She scolded me and asked me whether I was insane,” the mother of five reminisced.

When her child was placed in an incubator, another woman tried to steal the beautiful girl claiming Akothee was not its real mother.

Her fans could not help but admit the singer is the true embodiment of a mother’s love.


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