Kenya: I am Not a Devil Worshipper – Socialite Amber Ray

Kenyan Socialite Amber Ray has denied being a devil worshiper and practising juju.

Her image has been surrounded with juju and witchcraft allegations as many believe she has used dark forces to thrive.

She recently shot down the rumours, stating that she believes in God.

“Are you a devil worshiper?” a follower asked her on social media during a Question and Answer session on the platform.

“Of course not. Why should I? My God has always been there for me,” Amber Ray answered.

A picture showing her in a shack holding two chickens, one black and white and covered in a piece of white cloth indicating she’s was about to perform a ritual has been doing rounds on the internet since 2016.

She claimed the picture was from a movie set after politician Zaheer Jhanda’s first wife accused her of using juju to win him over and ruin their marriage.

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“I have challenged her to post more pictures from the movie scene that includes even the crew if indeed she hasn’t gone to a witch doctor which she never did,” said Jhanda’s wife.

“No one knows her as an actress. She works as an assistant at a photo studio. Such a disconnected coincidence.”

Jhanda and Amber Ray stayed together for only two years before parting ways several months ago.

Surprisingly, Amber Ray was accused of going for yet another married man and using juju to lure him out of his wedlock after the two flew to Greece to shoot a new music video.


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