Kenya: ” I am Fond of Mariga, Time Will Tell What Next” – TV Star, Joey Muthengi

It must have been an emotional departure as you said bye to your fans last Friday on your final show as host on 10/10?

Joey Muthengi: Honestly speaking, I am still coming to terms with that. It was a very emotional moment and it is now dawning to me that I will no longer be hosting the show. I had grown very close with most of my fans with some even calling me their mum and mentor. It is not easy leaving.

Why exactly did you leave when you seemed to have been at the highest point of entertainment TV hosting?

Let’s just say the time had come for me to leave.

Did you fall out with Citizen TV as some have suggested?

Not at all. I just felt that what I was going to do with life did not coincide with what Citizen TV had for me. Besides, I had a good time there and I will miss everyone. I absolutely have nothing against Royal Media. Nothing. This was an amicable split. I owe them for everything they offered me over the years.

So what is this you are ‘going to do with life’…There has been a lot of talk about you and Mariga since you coupled up in the BetIn deal…

I know people have been talking. What do you think?

You guys are such a sweet couple…

Are we (laughs)? Mariga is a cool person and he and I are real friends. I am very fond of him. I will be moving to Italy in January and I guess time will tell what next.

Are you confirming that indeed you are an item?

I said I guess time will tell what next. I said I am very fond of him (laughs).

So…since Mariga stays in Milan can we say “Italy here we come?”

Well, I will be moving to Italy in January for holiday. I think I need to get a good break for myself and so I can confirm to you that I will be in Milan for a while. The BetIn deal, whose shoot was in Italy, opened doors for me and given a chance I would still work with them.

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Does your departure from Citizen mean you are done with TV and media in general?

Not at all. In fact, I am open to any opportunity that may come my way. Radio was my first love and I think TV has taught me endurance. TV can be so consuming and sometimes you feel like you are living for others. Because of the commitment, I found little or no time to focus on other things like working on my blog or even focus on acting.

What do you consider your highs on TV?

Starting 10/10 was quite something. I know we had The Trend but there was nothing like what we created with the new show. It took off with energy and got a life of its own. I would say we were pioneers.

Did you make any regrettable mistakes?

Mistakes like… dating mistakes? Well, everyone makes mistakes. I think many people have a different perception of what TV girls are away from reality. Sometimes you have friends who just like you because of the title. Sometimes you may not know who is genuine or not.

Especially during this age of ‘sponsors, right?

This sponsor thing is just wrong. It is just sick for a girl to rely on a man for financial gain. I believe in having real mutual relationships.

So would you advise a girl to take a TV job?

It takes talent and professionalism to be on TV. What I am saying is that some girls just want to be in the limelight for the wrong reasons. People want to be famous instead of seeking to make a change in society. Sometimes media is not all it looks.


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