Kenya: How I Deal With My Daughter’s Bullies – News Anchor, Betty Kyallo’s Mum, Julia Ngii

The popular K24 news anchor, Betty Kyallo has her critics and her fans who fervently defend her against the critics.

She also has her mum Julia Ngii who is her fiercest defender. In the past, Julia has proven to be ‘Mama Bear’ whenever her daughter is hit by a scandalous story.

When Julia Ngii took to social media to affirm and uplift her daughter. She reminded her daughter that she is a strong woman and should ignore her attackers and focus on greatness.

“Strong is the woman from my womb. Shine, shine mum. Funga masikio and focus on greatness,” read the message from Julia.

And when an article about her that had some fabricated information, the mum chose to address the Editor by posting “May the hand of God punish those earning out of my daughter’s name. It’s so painful as a mother to read this Muendo.”

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Direct Messages (DMs)

While she has addressed Betty’s haters publicly she has also engaged them privately in the DMs

“I am used to the comments and where it’s possible I try to interact with somebody and when the person sees it’s me they say ‘Oh mum you are there I am sorry.’

“I tell them I am a mother and I know you have a mother or a sister then why should you comment in a negative way? You don’t know about tomorrow you don’t know about your future,” Julia said.


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