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Kenya: How Bahati Mishandled My Mother – Peter Blessing Opens Up

Bahati and Peter Blessing’s scandals are still heating up, with the latest being Blessing’s mum’s involvement in the entire scuffle.

Earlier reports from Bahati, dismissed any facts on Peter Blessing’s mum’s confession to the media.

She said ´mtoto wangu wamemtumia sana.´ For a woman who never knew someone in Nairobi, she was given their number for her to call them.  She said her son has helped us make millions but was only paid Ksh 3,000. Guys if you have been following this, you saw me give Peter Ksh 3,000 to use as fare.

However, word from Blessing’s end reveal that what his mum’s impression about Bahati got ruined after his arrest.

At first, my mum used to think I had done something to make Bahati treat me that way, but after all these dramas, she knows the truth.

Peter Blessing’s mum cries out for her son’s release


Revealing an incident when Bahati took away his phone, hindering any form of communication, Peter Blessing shared:

My mother was very concerned because she did not have a way to communicate with me. [Bahati] ignored her calls and her texts for five days. And so my mum let him be, and that is why I wonder when he says my mum was rude to him.


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Whenever I asked for cash to send to my family, he would ask me to leave my family alone.

Back to school

Well, the youthful singer finally got back to school, under a relative’s financial support.

I have already gone back to school after a relative offered to pay my fees. I have already registered for exams. It´s a public school called Mwangea secondary.

Mwangea secondary is a mixed-day secondary school in Voi constituency, Taita Taveta county.

Bahati had previously implied that the 20-year-old singer had refused to go to school, after he was set to join form three in 2020, but he turned it down.

The school’s administration had called Peter who then refused to commence studies – according to Bahati.


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