Kenya: How Akothee Silenced Fan Who Is Try To Oppress Her With Distasteful Comment



Artist Akothee created a great reaction to a fan who made a disagreeable remark about her dressing on her Instagram.

It began with a photograph Akothee posted demonstrating her situated outside and all chilled while getting a charge out of a green smoothie to help in detoxifying her body.

Be that as it may, at that point one nervy client, iidentified as @petermusyoka, remarked, “Unakaa nikaa hauna pantie.”

Never the one to be put down so effectively, Akothee applauded back at the fan with a reaction that read: “Kwa sababu undies za kwenu huanzia kwa magoti .”

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The two comments shaped the discussion for other users who some lauding her for standing up against what they termed as ‘cyberbullying’.

Sharonokumu wrote, “I swear nimecheka magoti ikakua weak.”

kasha_marie_ added, “Sawa madam boss… majibu nazo… But keep up the spirit hizo majibu ukonazo watu wengine huhitaji kupewa”

nyabulbetty commented, “Jibu Moja inatosha. Swafi sana.”


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