Kenya Hit By Nationwide Blackouts

Kenya was hit by a nationwide blackout on Tuesday, but efforts to restore power were underway, the country’s sole electricity distributor said.

Supply was knocked out by a fault at a hydro power station, Kenya Power said in a statement. Some parts of the grid were already back online, the power distributor said.

Blackouts occur regularly in Kenya, partly because of an ageing energy network and insufficient generation capacity. Many businesses in Nairobi and other big towns own generators as backups. On Tuesday, a deafening drone of generators could be heard in parts of Nairobi.

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In a statement the company said the blackout “occurred today at 11.30 a.m. after a technical fault at Gitaru Hydro Station.”

The company said it had already restored supply in some parts of the capital Nairobi, the country’s western region, North Rift and Central Rift among others.


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