Kenya: Hilarious Larry Madowo Reply to Fan After Asked Why he Keeps Beards With a Bald Head

Taking to twitter, Madowo mentioned that while reporting on the Ethiopian Airlines crash, a fan whose identity he did not reveal sent him a direct message asking him to work on his looks.

“Hey Larry, why are you having long beards and the head u shaved completely??? Please try work on that,” said the fan.

Madowo then responded, “Become a journalist, they said, it’ll be fun”

Tweeps joined the conversation with interesting reactions.

Here are their responses;

@scheafferoo Remember when you were dead laughing at me when someone asked you to give me a comb let’s just work on these things please

@JoyDoreenBiira Hahaha also you’ve been standing for hours, please work on that

@Lion_Of_Mara Can’t believe my eyes Amekubluetick


@dree_audrey Hi Larry why do you look dehydrated? please work on that, drink enough water

@Blacksh_Panther You have a reversed structures. Hair on chin instead of head. I mean

@hametuku He did not shave the hair. The hair naturally shaved itself.

@bevalynekwambo Waaaah @LarryMadowo umeanza kuanika screenshot wenye tulikukatia we are worried, please don’t

@Blacksh_Panther You have a reversed structures. Hair on chin instead of head. I mean

@SamBilboard and your mouth is still open, please work on that

@Mwanikih Lool! Added a wink at the end but forgot the gun finger.

@nyoike_ibra Larry am looking forward to working with you, please try work on that,..

@IDayvie Akili ni nywele na ndevu ?

@GeneBarasa Work on closing your eyes tu

@Mnurferuz And you still unmarried work on that..

@DanToro254 That shirt is too tight, please work on that.

@hillawama But I DON’T LIKE this look. You were the MR. HANDSOME until my GF said na hiki Larry kinakaa ugly of late. I am now safe


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