Kenya: Former minister jailed for failng to pay debt

A Former Cabinet Minister during retired President Daniel Arap Moi’s tenure has been jailed for failing to pay a KES 2 million debt.

Former Co-operatives Development Minister John Cheruiyot has been sent to civil jail for six months for failure to settle a KES 2.3million debt.

Cheruiyot has been sent to jail fir failing to pay businessman Anthony Odhiambo.

He has owed him the money for the last 20 years, a debt accrued after Odhiambo committed himself to producing paper caps for Cheruiyot who was then a senior official at the Kenya African National Union party KANU.

Cheruiyot has claimed that he does not have the capacity to pay the debt but a Nairobi court ruled that he had neglected to pay up despite being in a position to while he was still a minister in government.

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Nairobi Senior Principal Magistrate, Martha Mutuku said that Cheruiyot had not shown willingness to pay the debt.

” The fact is that the accused has not shown any willingness to pay the debt in the last 20 years and thus has denied the plaintiff the fruits of his labour,” Mutuku said.

The debt was initially KES 600,000 but has risen to 2.3 million thanks to accrued interest.

Cheruiyot had been accused together with former KANU Chairman, the late Wilson Ndolo Ayah, former Secretary General, the late Joseph Kamotho and the treasurer, Japheth Lijoodi.


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