Kenya: Fan Regrets Tattooing King Kaka’s Name On Her Body

So many of us have made mistakes and wrong decisions when growing up; and sometimes are forced to carry them into the future!

Well, in this case one of King Kaka’s die hard fans has come out to reveal that she got the singer’s name tattooed on her body back when she was in form 2.

According to a post shared by King Kaka himself, the lady is seen explaining how much she used to love king Kaka to a point where she a tattoo of his name — only to regret years later.

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Jealous boyfriend

From the statement the fan whose name remain anonymous says that her boyfriend doesn’t believe her when she says that she has never been intimate with the singer.

The fan goes on to add that her man gets super jealous because the tattoo was put at a private area on her body.

Responding to the post rapper King Kaka apologized for the regret….but oh well let’s just say that there are fans who have done crazier things than getting a tattoo of their favorite celebrity!


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