Kenya: Did Artist Ringtone ‘Steal’ Tanzanian Musician’s Mega Hit Song?

With three million views on YouTube, the Ipo Siku remix, a melody that was initially recorded by Tanzania’s Goodluck Gozbert before featuring Ringtone could cause a regional music fight.

Indeed, even with the massive release conveying a sign that it is Goodluck who featured Ringtone, it is the Kenyan gospel singer who has posted it online, hence, in fact running the show.

Released a week ago after it was recorded here about a month ago, the YouTube publication gives Ringtone the right of ownership hence provoking the question as to whether the two artists struck a deal to have Ringtone own the song.

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This could shift the song’s music royalty rights making huge financial benefits shift to Ringtone.

When we reached out to Ringtone to get a comment on the matter, he said: “Judge for yourself,” before quickly disconnecting the call. Rumour has it that the two artists had planned to do a joint tour late this month.


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