Kenya: Diana Marua Break up With me Because I am Loaded – Singer Bahati

Kenya’s Gospel singer Kevin Bahati has set the record straight on his relationship with wife Diana Marua.

Speaking to comedian Chipukeezy on his Ebru TV show, Bahati, left tongues wagging after claiming that his wife cannot leave him because he has money.

“Mama hawezi enda kama kuna mfuko,” Bahati disclosed.

The singer added that he was not comfortable with the idea of people associating gospel musicians with poverty.

“Ni mfuko. unajua mimi sipendi hii mambo ya watu kudhani Gospel ni umaskini. Nikuwe maskini Mathare, nikuwe maskini Ukambani tena nikuwe maskini kwa Gospel? I must choose one,” said Bahati.

Since the debut of his show Being Bahati, the 24-year-old has been on a roll.

He recently showered his wife with love after gifting her a tastefully decorated home that he says cost him a whopping Sh10 million.

“Blindfolded and surprised her with a new home; a fully furnished house – Don’t cry, Mama Heaven it’s just a Small gift I Bought to show you how much I love you & our family, ” he posted.

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Explaining the price, Bahati said that it was worth every penny.

“Yeah, that house has some features that generate things such cool air weather. That house isn’t less than ten million,” said Bahati in a radio interview.

A grateful Marua was speechless as she accepted the gift, “My heart literally skipped a bit, my legs couldn’t hold me anymore, my hands were shaking, my stomach was full of butterflies, my whole body had goosebumps. How he managed to pull that surprise was something I least expected.

“All I did was the breakdown and think of how far we’ve come, where we are, the things God has done in our lives, everything was unspeakable and overwhelming….THANK YOU.”


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