Kenya Citizen TV Journalist, Kimani Mbugua, Assaulted By Officers While Recording Bribery Attempt

Citizen TV’s Kimani Mbugua sustained neck injuries while on duty after filming the officers demanding for a bribe.

According to Reports, Mbugua was filming an incident where the county officers were soliciting for a bribe from a bodaboda operator flouting the motorcycle ban within the CBD.

“Vile huwa wanashika jamaa wa ndudhi huwa ni kuwaangusha kwanza na alikuwa na mteja, hata yule jamaa alikuwa amebebwa alianguka akashangaa ni nini inaendelea hapo. The askaris were in plain clothes,” Kimani said.

On realising they were being recorded, the officers accosted him and was taken to Fire Station offices where they allegedly assaulted him.

“It’s unfortunate what happened and what has been happening, I was recording the incident using my phone as I awaited the cameraman. An officer roughed me up and took me to Fire Station offices where I received several slaps and had my head banged against the wall,” he revealed.

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Assault on journalists

Mbugua’s assault is the latest in a spat off attacks targeting journalists, raising concerns over their vulnerability to physical attacks and threats from Kenya’s political class and government agencies.

Barely a month ago on October 2, a Standard Media Group journalist James Omoro suffered injuries on his hands and shoulder following an attack by police officers at the Homa Bay County Assembly.

Not only was he injured, but also has his Sh70,000 camera smashed by one of the officers. He had gone to cover two warring factions.


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