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Kenya! Celebrated Radio Presenter Maina Kageni, Forced To Make Hard Decision After Surgery

Celebrated radio presenter Maina Kageni will certainly not be taking his much-loved drink – Whiskey – for the following one year.

Kageni suffered a knee injury and has been away from his morning show for quite some time. It has now emerged that doctors recommended that he quits drinking alcohol for the next one year.

The revelation emerged on Thursday during Classic 105’s morning show, where Kageni’s co-host, King’ang’i, revealed doctors had forced Maina into the hard decision to speed up the healing process.

In his usual banter, King’ang’i stated: “The show will now be beginning at 4am with praise and worship. I can foresee him starting a church”.

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“I wonder what will replace his famous quote, ‘I need a whiskey’,” the Churchill show host added.

According to the doctor’s prescription, the popular presenter will have no option but to quit alcohol until he fully recovers. It’s believed that Kageni is used to boozing a lot and takes a tot of whisky nearly after every meal.

Mwalimu King’ang’i confirmed that Kageni was in good health and already been discharged.

Kageni injured his crucial ligaments after slipping during the Maina Kageni Road Trip in Kajiado County, early August.

He was taken to Aga Khan Hospital and after undergoing MRI scans, the doctor recommended a surgery be performed on his knee


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