Kenya: Catherine Kamau’s Husband Pens Down A Special Message To Their Unborn Baby Girl

Phil Director who is a Catherine Kamau’s husband and soon to be daddy must really be one romantic fella!

So far we have seen how he handles his wife – which enough proof that he will definitely make the best dad when the baby girl arrives anytime from now.

Judging from the photos and clips shared by Catherine Kamau, it’s obvious to tell that Phil dug deep into his pockets to ensure his wife had a lit baby shower.

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Message to unborn daughter

It is no secret that Phil is definitely proud and excited to finally became a father after years of  waiting to have his own child.

He has however been perfecting his fatherly skills by stepping in as the bigger man to help raise Catherine Kamau’s 13 year old son.

Through his Instagram page the soon to be daddy went on to post saying;


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