Rue Baby with her mom, Akothee (left) and with MCA Tricky (right)

Kenya: Akothee’s Eldest Daughter, Rue Spends Night In Police Custody

Rue is everything like her mum and we cannot deny this. Just like her mummy, Ms Rue is loud, playful and above all – a people’s personality.

Away from that – over the weekend Rue turned a year older and as usual; she opted to step out with friends for a few drinks instead of idling at home with her siblings.

With all the excitement, drinking and freedom (especially with the lockdown) Rue and friends forgot about the curfew; a bad move that left them in police custody.

According to Rue, the whole experience was entertaining; but spending the night behind bars was not so fun as she may have assumed. Speaking in a video shared on her IG stories, Ms Rue did not disclose much but confirmed rumor about her arrest.

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New experience?

Judging from how Rue spoke in the videos, it’s obvious to see that this is not the first time she is getting arrested; or rather is spending the night in police custody.


With a mother as wealthy as Akothee, getting arrested because of curfew wouldnt be such a big offense…One phone call and all is sorted out. I mean, this is Kenya!


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