Kenya: 15 Islamic extremist rebels killed in Somalia

File: AP

Nairobi – Kenya’s military says it has destroyed a base in Somalia operated by the Islamic extremist rebels of al-Shabaab and killed 15 of its fighters.

Kenya has been hit several times by al-Shabaab, which opposes Kenyan military involvement in Somalia.

Kenyan military spokesperson Colonel David Obonyo said in a statement on Sunday that Kenyan troops under the African Union mission in Somalia destroyed an al-Shabaab base at Yantooy by Jubba River in southern Somalia in a dawn attack.

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He said two boats the rebels have been using to cross the river were also destroyed.

He added that Yantooy has been the main base used by rebels to cross the river from Jilib, an al-Shabaab base in Lower Shabelle region, and infiltrate the Lower Jubba region near the border with Kenya.


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