Kendall Abandons Her Sister Kourtney For Her Beloved Blake Griffin

Kendall Jenner will take part in the parade La Perla this Thursday, October 19, an Italian brand that was absent at the latest Fashion Week in New York. The brand will be presenting its Spring / Summer 2018 collection in Macao, China. As a brand ambassador, Kendall will naturally be involved.

Kendall abandons her sister Kourtney for her beloved Blake Griffin

Before flying to China, Kendall had a good time with her boyfriend, basketball player Blake Griffin. The couple went to the Ocean Prime restaurant  in Beverly Hills, accompanied by three friends of Blake Griffin, basketball player Chandler Parsons (suspected for some time to flirt with model Baldwin), agent James Dunleavy and screenwriter and Hollywood producer Michael D. Ratner.

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Kendall abandons her sister Kourtney for her beloved Blake Griffin

A few hours before Kendall Jenner found her boyfriend, she had taken part in a birthday party at the Vintage clothing store The top model of 21 years had then had to give up her big to go find her darling What Goes Around Comes Around  celebrated the first year of its Beverly Hills brand.


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