Kanye West Is Back With His Sunday Service – Kim Kardashian Reveals

Kanye West is back with his Sunday Service at the ranch after wife Kim Kardashian shared photos and videos in support of her husband on Twitter.


Kanye who is also running for political office in November 2020 elections couldn’t do without his famous choir and prayer sessions amidst the pandemic.


A socially distanced event could become the Sunday destination for fans of Kanye West and gospel music, as well as critics who believe he is leading a cult-like organization.


Taking to the Instagram story, Kardashian posted a clip of West and the Sunday Service choir – all donned in red – performing, writing “Sunday Service is back”.


She also posted a memo amidst criticisms around health and safety due to the coronavirus pandemic, saying that West and the choir took necessary precautions.

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Kayne West latest rant says that he is looking for a new Christian CFO because he’s topping 5 billion dollar very soon, the Sunday service is another one of his favourite things, Kayne has always been known for his music and nothing else.

Kim Kardashian seems to love the Sunday service rather than his political ambition, she has never publicly supported her husband’s political vice but when it comes to music she will bring out the kids and spread it on social media.

Kayne hours later after wife had tweeted that the SUNDAY service is he shared an update: Sunday Service at the West Mountains ranch



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