Judge Orders Lil Wayne To Pay Over 54 Million Naira In Fake Concert Lawsuit

An American judge has ordered rapper Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, better known as Lil Wayne, to pay over ₦54,000,000 ($150,000) in damages.

According to TMZ, The “Lollipop” rapper was accused of allegedly orchestrating a fake concert that was promoted under his name.

According to court documents obtained by the site, Lil Wayne was being sued by Ramin Natan for breach of contract and fraud. The judge ruled in favour of Natan in a default settlement because Wayne didn’t tend to the lawsuit. Now the rapper has to pay Natan ₦54,225,000 ($150,000) in damages.

Natan first filed the lawsuit in January. According to Natan and his lawyers, Lil Wayne and the Migos are “Ponzi scheme artists” that book shows but never truly intended on performing. Natan states that he gave Eric Stenger ₦180,750,000 ($500,000) to promote a Lil Wayne concert. Yet, Stenger was never a concert promoter. Natan feels like Stenger knew Wayne and gave the rapper the $500,000 to perform but he never showed up to the show.

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Lil Wayne was served with the lawsuit papers and didn’t bother responding to Natan’s claims. As a result, the judge ruled in the plaintiff’s favour. Normally, the judge will give the defendant another chance to respond to being served before the verdict is finalized.


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