James Bond Star, Daniel Craig Does Interview Without Realizing He’s Bleeding From Forehead

53-year-old British actor, Daniel Craig who has played James Bond for 15 years was quite oblivious to the wound on his head as he chatted with a Skyfall co-star via Zoom.


The No Time to Die star recently chatted with his Skyfall costar Javier Bardem as part of Variety‘s “Actors on Actors” series.

At the end of the virtual discussion, Bardem, 52, asked Craig, 53, what caused the bleeding on his forehead. Craig was oblivious to the wound, laughing about being unaware the whole time.



“Let me ask you, my friend, this last question: What happened to you here?” the Being the Ricardos actor asked Craig, pointing to the spot on his head.

“Where? Did I bash my head?” Craig responded, feeling around his head for the mark. “Have I just got sandwich on my head? Have I done this whole interview— it’s probably a part of a sandwich!”

The pair both laughed as Craig got up to look in a mirror. When he returned, Craig said with a smile, “You know what it was? Christ. So, they’ve sent me this wonderful ring flash, which I’ve set up with an iPad in the middle of it. And I went like this like that and it just fell on my head just before we started!”

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Craig joked, “No wonder I get f—–g injured every time I do a movie!” “Thank you for pointing out,” he told Bardem. “No, literally, I just was setting this up and it went donk and I’m like, ‘Ow! Jesus!’ I’m not bleeding to death. It’s just a whatever. If I don’t get injured while filming I’m not doing it properly.”

Daniel began playing James Bond in 2006 with Casino Royale, and has since starred in Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, Spectre, and No Time To Die.


His first major injury for the Bond series was with Casino Royale where he smashed out his two front teeth while filming a fight scene.

Craig was forced to wear a sling during the promotional tour in 2008 after he had surgery to repair his shoulder, but he chalked it up to an old injury that likely needed attention following his rigorous Bond lifestyle.



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