Jacob Juma Owned A Secret Apartment For Deals, Booze And Women.

Slain businessman Jacob Juma operated a secret apartment in Nairobi’s plush Westlands suburb, it has been revealed.

That is the house Juma visited last before he met his death.

According to sources, Juma operated the house which was christened the PentHouse in the exclusive suburb with other two rich men and it was meant to be a perfect hiding hole for monkey business.

It is believed that he used the house to plot deals.

It is further alleged that the fall of Dubai Bank was plotted in that house as well as a plot to initiate a litany of cases against the Deputy President William Ruto over land grabbing allegations.

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The PentHouse was also a watering hole for the gentlemen who met there for booze and women.

According to reports from the PentHouse, Juma had for example taken four different women to the hideout in the last seven days he visited there.

The women would be sneaked into Room 9 of the apartment and have a good time as they laughed heartily to Juma’s wits, took shots of expensive drinks among other businesses before eventually being dropped in town.

Police have already recorded statements from the last young woman Juma hosted in his base.


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