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‘It’s Never Wrong To Be Yourself,’ Says SA Reality TV Star, Kagiso Mogola

Coachella Randy, Kamo WW and Kagiso Mogola. Photo: YouTube/Birth of Stars

Creatives, content creators and now reality TV stars Coachella Randy, Kamo WW and Kagiso Mogola say their reality show is not only about flying the pride flag high but about showing that “it’s never wrong to be yourself”.

In an interview with News24, the three reality stars open up about what to expect in their YouTube-based reality show, Birth of Stars, how they got into content creation, friendship, and so much more.

“We just wanted to convey that it’s never wrong to be yourself and authentically strive for greatness even though society might see us differently,” Kagiso said. “We also want to show people that even though we’re queer, we matter and are just like everyone else.”

“We’re human; we have feelings and have emotions.”

Renowned fashion designer Orapeleng Modutle co-founds the trio’s reality show.

“The idea of Birth of Stars happened when Orapeleng noticed that we make a powerful combination; he said he liked our energies and wanted us to work on something,” Kamo said.

Coachella Randy, or Randy as his friends refer to him, and Kagiso met around four years ago and “just vibed” from the get-go. Kamo and Randy met on social media, then later met in person; then Randy introduced him to Kagiso, and they “started hanging out together”.

Randy is also the son of late actor and TV presenter Vinolia Mashego.

“I don’t necessarily want to follow in her footsteps,” he said. “I want to be in my own light; that’s why I never told anyone who I was when I started out. People are only discovering that now, and that’s what I wanted – to be taken seriously in the industry, so no one thinks I’m making it because people know his mom.”


He says his desire to pursue a career in the creative and entertainment industries started in high school, adding that he was not interested in studying anything that required him to be in a “serious setting”.

“After high school, I took a gap year to decide if I actually want to go to school or pursue my own interests and as that went on, I also learned how to monetise things,” he says. “That’s when I knew that this is actually what I want to do.”

Kamo says the trendy nature of the influencer lifestyle attracted him to the industry.

“I like being up-to-date, and I have always wanted there to be some sort of spotlight on me and my talent,” he reveals. “I want to showcase my creativity and talent on social media.”

Meanwhile, Kagiso says he was “confused” about what he wanted to study after high school.

“I really liked content creation, but I didn’t know how to start or pursue it as a career. So, I ended up applying for law at the University of Johannesburg. But after I started, I realised it wasn’t for me,” he continues, “I thought about doing something more creative like fashion or graphic design, but I didn’t think it was really me.”

In a press statement, Birth of Stars co-founder and fashion designer Orapeleng Modutle says starting the reality show was his passion as he wanted to showcase the “organic talent” of the three young creatives to the world and nurture their careers.

“We want the audience to be able to have a reflection of themselves and see that it is possible to break into any industry they aspire to be in.”


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