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‘It Was One Of The Most Traumatic Experience’ – Vera Sidika Speaks On Relationship With Tanzanian Ex-Boyfriend

From the look of things, Vera Sidika seems to be finally settling with Brown Mauzo. The socialite and entrepreneur always reiterates the love she has for him. It took a while before she found the love of her life; Brown Mauzo, since she had tried other men before.

Opening up about her previous relationship, Vera disclosed that her relationship was a toxic one. Her Tanzanian ex-boyfriend, Jimmy Chansa probably messed things up. Vera discloses that the relationship was aa toxic one; and she couldn’t hold any longer.

Vera terms the relationship as the most traumatic experience she has ever had in all her relationships; adding that she had really tried to stay for 5 months (she wished to have left earlier). On an Insta Q&A with her fans, when asked why she didn’t up with Jimmy, she wrote;

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”One of the most unfortunately, traumatic experience I’ve ever had amongst all my relationships. Never judge a book by it’s cover. & sometimes the devil u know is better than the angel you don’t know. End up? I wouldn’t even reach 7 months even if I wanted it too. Ata hizo 5 months I tried so so hard. It was terrible honestly…”

Vera continued to advise ladies to walk out of such relationships as early as they see red flags;

”’Red flags are very important. What u see & ignore on day 1 is what will make u leave later eventually. So ladies, don’t ever sit thinking he will change. If it’s his character , y’all gon B fighting about the same thing…”


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