ISIS claims killing of Tunis presidential guards

Tunisia's president declared a 30-day state of emergency across the country and imposed an overnight curfew for the capital Tuesday after an explosion struck a bus carrying members of the presidential guard, killing at least 12 people and wounding 20

Tunis – The Islamic State extremist organisation (ISIS) on Wednesday claimed responsibility for the explosion that killed 12 members of the Tunisian presidential guard on Tuesday.

The group, in a statement circulated by supporters on social media, said one of its members, named as Abu Abdullah al-Tunisi, blew himself up with a suicide belt on the bus carrying the troops.

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The claim, which could not immediately be verified, is in line with similar claims of responsibility made by the group in the past.

It is accompanied by a picture of the supposed attacker wearing what appears to be a suicide vest and with his face masked.


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