Indonesia Simply Restricted This K-pop Supergroup’s Business For Being ‘Indecent’

A TV promotion including individuals from K-pop supergroup Blackpink wearing miniskirts has been prohibited from Indonesian wireless transmissions, inciting an enraged reaction from fans.

The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission requested 11 local TV stations to yank the business late on Tuesday, saying it was revolting.

The request pursued an appeal to marked by in excess of 100,000 individuals requesting that the commission drop the promotion – which thusly started a blow for blow battle requiring the ejection of the lady who propelled the first request.

The ad features four members of the top-selling Korean girl band singing and dancing to promote Shopee, an Indonesian online retailer.

Indonesia’s broadcasting watchdog said the ad flouted moral norms in the world’s biggest Muslim majority country.


“Companies need to be careful when they’re making a commercial that they don’t associate their product with something Indonesians see as negative,” commission head Hardly Stefano said in a statement on Tuesday.

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Shopee called the commission’s remarks “very valuable input”, but added that the ad had been greenlit by another government agency prior to its airing.

The decision to ban the ad was widely panned by Blackpink fans in Indonesia.

“This is too much – you can see women dressed that way in any mall in Indonesia,” Disna Harvens told AFP.

“It’s not vulgar at all.”

Black ink has rapidly turned into an easily recognized name at home and among K-pop fans abroad with their mark hip jump implanted music, flawlessly arranged move schedules and tense design styles.

They additionally emerge in a K-pop industry to a great extent ruled by kid groups.


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