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“I’m Tired of Seeing Fake Backside” -Nigerian Actress Beverly Osu

Popular Nollywood actress and model, Beverly Osu recently took to her Instagram page to slam ladies and celebrities who spend millions of naira to do artificial butt surgery and body enhancements, especially in the entertainment industry and still look ridiculous afterwards.

The actress who seems to be fed up with the outcome of butt surgeries she has seem, claims she is not totally against the idea of ladies going under the knife to do butt enlargement surgeries in order to feel good about themselves but her advice to them is to ensure that they employ the services of professional doctors who make the surgery look good afterwards.

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“Ladies, I’m not against any of you doing your body but if you are going to do your body, do the bum-bum well please. The bum-bum nowadays is just looking like box or nylon sugar cube. What is going on? Everybody’s ass is just looking like sponge box square pant. You’re free to do your butt but just do it nice or better still wear your butt pant. The amount of sponge box square pant that I’ve seen doctors do is not proper. So many millions to get box butt? Never! I’ll rather go to the gym to do squats,” she said.

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As neutral as her advice seems, many believe that she is referring to Tonto Dikeh who recently flaunted her million naira cosmetic butt at her birthday party in Abuja.

In reaction, Tonto Dikeh reveals that it is not bad publicity for her afterall, as she acknowledges the fact that she has a great body and a born-again.

“No publicity is bad publicity at the end of the day. I haven’t done work for a very long time, but I can tell you, I am one of the most relevant. I am born again by the way. My confidence comes from the fact that no man can do anything to me that God has not said would happen. My belief in God gives me so much confidence. Second I am damn beautiful; third, I have got a great body; fourth, I have got money; fifth, I use my platform to help all the people. All these qualities about myself made me a very bold woman,” she said.


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