Tonto Dikeh
Tonto Dikeh


I’m a Christian But I Won’t Live a Boring Life as One – Nollywood Actress, Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood Actress asserts to the fact that she is a Christian does not in any way suggest she should be timid. Hence, as beautiful and bubbly as she is, she will enjoy life.

Tonto added that although she is a Christian, there is the need for her to explore and have fun in diverse ways once her actions do not go contrary to the principles of Christianity.

“It’s just so sad that a lot of Christians expect me to live a boring life,” she says. “The truth is that I wasn’t born or cut out for boring. God gave me a very vibrant and interesting personality and I’m going to stay that way.”

The 33-year-old actress has entreated her colleagues to eschew conservatism and embrace new ways of propagating the gospel.

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“There are many ways to draw people to Christ and the true message but unfortunately many Christians think you have to live a boring or Unkept life in order to achieve this,” she stresses. “Well you don’t. Please let’s get active and spread the message in innovative ways.”

“We exist here on Earth despite the fact we hail from ZION, so let us use what we have here on earth to show them the message and love of Christ.”

She says: “I remain a tongue speaking, demon chasing born again Christian I see myself to be.”

For those who may be shocked at Tonto’s remarks, she pontificates she is still a staunch Christian.


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