I’ll Not Be Surprised If My 16-Year-Old Daughter Is Not A Virgin – Ghanaian Actress, Vicky Zugah Says

Ghanaian actress, Vicky Zugah has said she won’t be surprised if she got to know her 16-year-old daughter is not a virgin.

She told Zion Felix in an interview on the ‘Uncut Show’ that a lot of factors could lead to that since her daughter is in a boarding house.

Vicky cited rape, peer pressure and other things as some of the factors that can make the virginity of her daughter be broken.

The actress, who is also a sex educator online stated that she won’t be surprised if her daughter has sex at age 10 or 15 because sex is so cheap lately.

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After she has found out that her daughter is no more a virgin, she averred she will sit her down and advise her on how to protect herself and not to let men take advantage of her.

When she was asked what her reaction would be if her daughter introduces her boyfriend to her at that age of 17, she answered, she won’t condemn them but she would talk to them and advise them that relationship is not all about sex.

Vicky Zugah added that sex is overrated and parents should not be shy from educating their children about it.

Watch the full interview below.


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