I’ll Never Chase For Marriage Because It’s Not An Achievement – Ghanaian Actress, Yvonne Nelson

Vocal Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson, has stated that she will only be convinced to chase marriage only when it is seen as an achievement in life.

According to her, she will rather chase Degrees and other material wealth than focus on marriage which is not seen as an achievement in life

The actress made this known in a reply to a follower on Instagram who asked her to get married because she’s ageing and will soon hit her menopausal age.

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The actress responded to the question “when are you getting married” saying “is that an achievement? It’s not a degree”.

Yvonne Nelson is a mother of one and an advocate for proper governance systems in Ghana to ensure that the average people in the country is provided with the basic needs of every country.

Yvonne Nelson is known for her vigil to drum home the need to end incessant power outages which was dubbed “Dumsor Must Stop” some years ago.


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