If You Insult Me, I’ll Appear In Your Dreams – Ghanaian Bishop Obinim

Controversial Televangelist, Bishop Daniel Obinim has vowed to appear in the dream of anyone who insults him intentionally or unintentionally on the various social media platforms.

He disclosed that those who make disparaging comments about him and continue to insult him for no reason are bound to see him in their dreams because he has not done anything to deserve that kind of treatment.

“The more you insult me, the more I love you. Even if you write any bad comment about me I still love you and will reveal myself to you in your dreams either this afternoon or in the night”, he disclosed in his latest video.


The man who claims to have wined and dined with archangel Gabriel warned that people can ahead to abuse him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the other social media handles the only assurance he has for them is that he will appear in their dreams.

“Go ahead and insult me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram more than anyone else, what I can assure you is that I certainly appear in your dreams and there is no doubt about that”, he warned.

Angel Obinim as he prefers to call himself, extended a hand of love to all those abusing him over his stance on certain doctrines in Christianity, insisting he loves them all despite what they are doing to him.

“If you hear that anyone is insulting me in Ghana, tell the person Angel Obinim loves him and that he will appear in his dreams”.


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